Marvin's Fellowship

(Men's Fellowship)

Marvins Fellowship was created by a group of men who wanted to come together and discuss real life issues in hopes of receiving Biblical answers to make us better men of God. The purpose is creating a space where men can share, give advice, and have fun. 

On a cold New Year's Eve night Pastor Chris Likely received a phone call from a gentleman named Marvin. The group had taken a break, and Marvin expressed how the fellowship had been such a blessing and he hoped Pastor Likely would re start the fellowship and asked him to promise he would do it. Pastor Likely agreed and made the promise that he would get the men's fellowship started. Little did Pastor Likely know that this would be the last time speaking to brother Marvin as he passed away weeks later. It was then that Pastor likely Kept his promise to Marvin and restarted the men's fellowship and named it "MARVINS FELLOWSHIP"! Praise God!

Marvins Fellowship is now headed by Minister Gregory Innis (pictured above). Marvins Fellowship is now held once a month to date. Please Call (386)-302-7021 for time and location of our monthly meetings!